Wednesday, October 16, 2019

About Us

Outer Banks Beacon is an independent, online periodical created solely by informed volunteers concerned about the trajectory of American politics. We are the Outer Banks’ only outlet for news and views focused exclusively on local, state, and national politics and issues.

Our mission is to present an alternative voice within the largely conservative Outer Banks community. We are committed to publishing only researched, substantiated, and fact-based news and opinions. And, in doing so, we hope to bring together like-minded people and strengthen community ties.

Outer Banks Beacon
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Our Volunteers

Linda Kinne, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Linda has traveled many paths during her life of creative exploration—from editing her class newspaper in 1960 to creating the 2018 website for the local Democratic Party. Along the way, she has been the editor-in-chief of a garden-design magazine, a freelance business writer and editor, and an instructor at George Washington University. She also cofounded and led a marketing communications firm serving small businesses and corporations in northern Virginia.

Linda’s lifelong interest in politics began with President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. The inconsolable sobs of her father—”the gentlest of tough Marines”—told her the world would never be the same and she should pay attention. Since the 2016 elections, Linda has been intent on sharing her 66-years’ perspective on politics. Her first book, The History of History Repeating Itself: The Role of Fear in American Politics was published in January 2017.

Dave Seyler, Columnist

Dave is a writer and publisher whose long career includes a stint as editor-in-chief of the respected broadcast trade magazine Radio-Television Business Report. Once a precinct chairman during George McGovern’s presidential campaign, Dave now enjoys combining his writing and publishing skills with his long-time interest in politics. He also plays trumpet for the local band Just Playing Dixieland and is a customer service manager at Walmart.

Craig Merrill, Contributing Author

Craig holds a PH.D. in mechanical engineering and has conducted research for the Norfolk detachment of the Naval Surface Warfare Center. His research expertise includes hydro-accoustics, physical oceanography, and electromagnetic propagation in the marine environment. Craig spent more than 30 years in the federal government and will retire in Spring 2018. Since moving to Kitty Hawk two years ago, he has become active in the Dare County Democratic Party.

Judy Lotas, Contributing Author

Judy is an activist, writer, and founding partner of LPNY Ltd., the largest ad agency in the world owned and run by four women. She has been named by Advertising Age as one of the “100 Best and Brightest Women in Advertising/Marketing.” After 9/11, she was involved with the Afghan American Peace Corps and traveled twice to Afghanistan. A resident of Duck, Lotas currently serves on the Board of Dare County League of Women Voters, co-chairing the statewide ERA effort in North Carolina.

Arabella Saunders, Contributing Author

Arabella is a senior at First Flight High School, where she is an editor-in-chief of the school’s Nighthawk News Magazine. She has been an outspoken activist in the local March for Our Lives movement and a participant in the Raleigh Women’s Rally. Arabella also leads the teen committee of the Dare County Democratic Party.

Dr. Robert E. Neilson, Contributing Author

Robert holds a PH.D. in public policy/public administration. Though retired now, he taught graduate courses for more than 17 years at the National Defense University, where he was also department head.

Earl Keel, Contributing Author

Ann Kaplan, Contributing Author

Julie Sawyer, Guest Author

Julie is a resident of Kill Devil Hills. She spends her time hanging out with her husband and dog. She is a former Lunch Lady and has worked in Children’s Theatre. She loves her grandchildren and hopes to help make this world a safer place for the