Senate health bill waits at the crossroads

Senate Republicans are about to make one of the most fateful decisions of their careers. How far are they willing to go in sacrificing human lives at the altar of the rich? The sheer madness of the Senate healthcare bill finally hits when you realize $621 million will be cut

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A moral test for government

America's war on poverty is back in the news. It's taken a new turn and found an altogether new way to solve the problems of the poor. The Trump administration calls it the American Health Care Act. And it appears the plan is to just let the poor and disadvantaged

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House Republicans' warp-speed push to produce and enact their new American Health Care Act has caused much concern and confusion among the people the plan will affect—namely, everyone. So far, most news stories have focused on only one or two aspects of the plan at a time. Others have reported

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PBS Newshour: ‘Post-election stress disorder’ sweeps the nation

Mental health professionals around the country, especially those working in Democratic strongholds, report a stream of patients coming in with anxiety and depression related to—or worsened by—the blast of daily news on the new administration. In the past, therapists say it’s been fairly uncommon for patients to bring up politics

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