Thursday, October 17, 2019
Outer Banks

Talk, talk, talk. Where’s the beef?

We’ve cried and been depressed, protested and been ignored, stayed glued to the news and been appalled. We’ve sworn to do whatever it takes. But it seems we lack the courage to stand up and run.

Five Democrats have filed to run for office in 2018. They are Tess Judge for NC House, Ervin Bateman for at-large commissioner, Margaret Lawler and Jennifer Alexander for Board of Education, and Vanzolla McMurren for Register of Deeds.

This is good news, but it’s not good enough. Of the thirteen races being run this year, eight still have no Democratic contenders. By contrast, 18 Republicans are running in all 13 races.

More Democrats are expected to announce their candidacy, including those running for Bill Cook’s seat in the NC Senate and Walter Jones’s seat in Congress.

But the deadline for filing to run is noon on Wednesday, February 28. Which begs the question, why are so few Outer Banks Democrats willing to run?

Of course, one can come up with copious responses, not the least of which are finding money and time and, especially, withstanding the harsh tactics Republicans are likely to use.

This year’s midterms are conceivably the most important elections ever in our country. It’s no secret what hangs in the balance. But the clock continues to click in the silence.

Every person who’s been distraught over the results of the 2016 elections, who’s complained about Trump and the Republicans, who’s protested, marched, and rallied should be thinking of running for office or at least searching for someone who will.

For example, in North Carolina, overturning four seats in the House is all it will take to achieve a veto-proof legislature. Just four seats. Given the level of outrage expressed over Rep. Beverly Boswell the past year, Dare County’s 6th district should be one of them.

Democrat Tess Judge has the ability and determination to unseat Boswell, or Bobby Hanig if he wins the Republican primary. But, as a representative, she would be far more effective if those in office here are also Democrats.

Across the country, Democrats are proclaiming a Blue Wave is coming in November. But here at home, where waves are countless, a blue one won’t happen if those who care just sit by and watch the tide drift out.

If you or a Democrat you know is thinking about running for office, details on how to do so and what you can expect are available by sending an email to

Candidates are still wanted for two seats on the Dare Board of Commissioners, one seat on the Board of Education, and the seats for District Attorney and Clerk of the Court.


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I would love to run for the commissioners position but one needs a manager and a treasurer. No one wants to do the job. Let’s not forget it takes money, too. I have tun for office before and was encouraged to run by so, so many. However, when it comes time for real support like holding fund raisers, and planting signs, designing signs, designing logos, arranging speaking engagements etc, I did 90% of it myself. It was hard.