Tuesday, August 20, 2019

NYT: What does America stand for? We asked teenagers

Like so many of us, Anna North, of The New York Times, wondered what today’s youth think about their country at this “historically bizarre time.” So, in early 2017, she started asking teenagers to make videos in which they responded to these questions: “What are your values as a person? What are American values? Do you think the country is living up to those values today? Why or why not?”

North writes, “Adults often dismiss teenagers, assuming that they’re callow, apathetic or uninformed. But the kids I was meeting cared passionately about education, foreign policy, racial justice and more. Even when they weren’t sure how they felt about a certain candidate or issue, they were clearly thinking deeply.”

North compiled the teenagers’ videos into the video here. It reveals how our country looks today to some of the young people who will help decide its future.