Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Bernie Sanders: Where the Democratic Party went wrong

In his July 13 appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders described how the Democratic Party is still failing to reach out to the country’s working class. “In my view,” he said, “the establishment has not done a good job of standing up for the working people of this country.”

Asked where the party has gone wrong, Sanders said it “has spent too much time raising money from its wealthy friends and talking about deregulating Wall Street.” He said the party is “not paying attention to the people whose standard of living has been in decline for 40 years.”

Sanders noted his travels to Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio to talk about health care. He’s the only senator who’s gone to states he doesn’t represent. He tells his audiences they “have the power, to stand up, fight back, organize. And,” he said, “we’re beginning to see this all over the country.”

“That’s my job,” said Sanders, adding that the Democrats should be doing the same. Asked whether the rest of the Democratic Party recognizes that, Sanders left the answer to the show’s panel.