Tuesday, September 26, 2017

On being a political activist

So I made my coffee and went to my computer this morning, ready to catch up on the news. I’d missed a lot recently for various reasons. Mostly, I was battle-weary—tired of Republicans’ d...

Fantasy politics: a one-citizen-one-vote U.S. Senate

North Carolinians, are you feeling a little under-represented? You should be. Your senator speaks for just under 10.25 million citizens. Meanwhile, a senator from Wyoming speaks for less...

Sound Off: ‘We’re all winners’ has made us losers

Suburbia in the final score of the 20th century was a pleasant existence for many middle and upper middle-income families. With the exception of one black Monday, wealth came easy, even ...

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Tears for fears

If anyone had told me I’d be spending my mid-sixties fighting for the same things I fought for in the mid-60s, I’d have said, “Oh, no. We’re making a difference here. We’re changing the worl

Why social democracy matters (part 2)

Social democracy has long been a part of the Democratic Party's core identity. But the Party struggles to define and embrace it. Meanwhile, Republicans have spent the past 40 years honin...

Confessions of a libtard

Yes, it’s true. I’m a libtard. Or so say some of my Facebook friends. Although the intellectual underpinnings for their charge often escape me, I don’t much care what they call me. But I...


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